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In all things, every scoop of Papa Diddi’s is a scoop filled with love. All of our ice cream, from sourcing, churning, and serving it in your cup or cone, Papa Diddi’s signature is not just the flavors you try but the love that comes in every cup.



All of our ingredients are locally sourced and grown. Following Papa Diddi’s tradition of working only with the ingredients given by the farmers he worked with, we use only the freshest carabao’s milk and the choicest produce from farms, gardens, and markets all over the country. .



In honor of how Papa Diddi used to do it, we prefer our ice cream handcrafted and handpacked. It encourages us to think outside the box, finding new ways and flavors to fold into our mix while keeping to the old traditions of how Papa Diddi used to mix our ice cream.

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